Friday, May 14, 2010

I feel pregnant too...

My wife tells me it's sympathy pains. I heard from my friends that they gained weight along with their wife and how they had cravings but I never thought it would happen to me and to the extent that it did. I didn't gain the weight and like my wife, no cravings but other things that made me jokingly wonder if I was pregnant too.

Reasons why someone might think I'm pregnant:
  • I get stomachaches like my wife gets cramps or contractions. They come and go and it's nothing to worry about. You might think it's because of what I've eaten but it just might be from subconscious stress.
  • Sometimes I'm hungry and can't fill up. I've contemplated it in past few months that if my wife and I were in a food-eating contest who would win. During parts of the pregnancy I'd say her, but there are days where I'd clearly take her down. Yes, I'm a guy so I should be able to eat more but last time I was felt like a bottomless pit, I was swimming every day in high school.
  • The nesting instinct has kicked in. All of a sudden I feel this urgency to get things done. I think my wife pawned this one off on me since she's going about her own business like she always does while all I can think about is how I need to make sure the garage is clean or I need to install the car seat.
  • I think I use the bathroom more than her. She is like a camel and I feel like a little puppy, always needing to go if I have a cup of something.
For those dads out there, or even those moms, did you notice you or your significant other act pregnant too?


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Out of sight

Sorry I've been gone. My wife has had a rough week and it seems as if life just kinda stopped so I can make sure she was comfortable. She's fine but starting to feel the end is near. Posting will start once again. Seven weeks to go and I'm sure there will be a lot more adventures still to come before my daughter arrives.